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How to Maternity Photoshoot-Creative Maternity Photoshoot Ideas of 25 Ways

Pregnancy is a remarkable time in your life, full of amazing changes and giddy anticipation.Even if we don’t always feel beautiful (achy feet, sore back, tired legs, stretch marks), just think of all the things going on inside our bodies!  We have created a living being who is growing and being nourished inside of us.  One of the best ways to commemorate this special life event? With a maternity photoshoot you can look back on for this special and beautiful time in our lives.

The timing of your photos is probably the most important consideration; plan your shoot towards the end of your second trimester, you’ll have an adorable bump (without feeling overly big) so the schedule is generally sometime between 28 and 32 weeksand still have plenty of energy to get dressed up and wander around for the session.

As with any kind of portraiture, success is understanding how to pose the subject and how to choose clothing.To help you plan, we’ve gathered up our best maternity photoshoot ideas to help you get the perfect pics.If you choose to shoot in a natural environment, I suggest you select long, flowing dresses, look to dressmakers like Saslax, who are known for creating maternity dresses that allow for epic movement. 

1.Hand Placement for Maternity Photos-Hands on Belly

Here’s where things change up for maternity portraits. In engagement photography, we have several options for hand placement for the woman. She might rest her hand on her own hip, the shoulder or chest of the guy, or on a nearby wall or object, etc. In maternity photography, however, the mother will often place her hand above or below her stomach to draw attention to her baby bump. Instead of her arms hanging awkwardly at her side, mom can gently embrace her belly, which makes for a sweet, emotion-filled photo like the one above.

SOURCE:Saslax Maternity

 2.Family for Maternity Photos-Kiss Belly or Hands on Belly

A family-friendly maternity photo can not only announce your pregnancy or A family-friendly maternity photo can not only announce your pregnancy or welcome the delivery date but boost up the excitement among them about the new son or daughter.Father and mother will often place her hand above or below her stomach to draw attention to her baby bump.Or father will kiss mom's belly to draw attention to her baby bump.

SOURCE:Saslax Maternity

3.Black and White Image

You can do a beautiful black and white maternity photoshoot in an open space. A large window or door with the light coming through or fall foliage and wood background create beautiful backdrops. You may choose to dress up in any color gown while holding your bump.

SOURCE:Saslax Maternity

4.Together with Pets

Get your pet to participate in your maternity shoot. Getting your pet to pose as your favorite buddy might take some skill, so practice before staging the actual event.

SOURCE:Saslax Maternity

5.Use a Sonogram

A sonogram can be used to capture cute maternity pictures of the fetus that you can relive later in life.

SOURCE:Saslax Maternity

6.Keep It Simple

Simple accessories, props, and outfits can help bring out your pregnancy glow to the fullest while focusing on the mother and the bump.

SOURCE:Saslax Maternity

7.Using Prop

A meaningful fall-related prop like a pumpkin, bronze maple leaves, or bonfire can add a new dimension to your photoshoot. Make sure not to take the limelight away from your baby bump by limiting yourself to two related props

SOURCE:Saslax Maternity

8.Using Tub

A well-decorated tub incorporating the colors of fall holds plenty of significance during a photoshoot taken from the comforts of your home. Thus, going with a fall maternity shot in the bathroom allows you to play with the lighting while creating some effects that pay homage to the season.

SOURCE:Saslax Maternity

9.With Older Kids

Parents expecting their second or third child may consider including the older children in a fun maternity shot with the big brother along with a fall backdrop to make them feel involved, anticipate their new role, and help them to adjust to the unique situation.

SOURCE:Saslax Maternity

10.Go for the close up

You’re going to want a bunch of full-length photos, but a great couple maternity photoshoot idea is to snag a few close-ups while you’re at it. Focus on that beautiful baby bump.

SOURCE:Saslax Maternity

11.Pick up a pair of baby shoes

Is there anything more adorable than teeny-tiny baby shoes? Zoom in on these heart-meltingly cute maternity photoshoot props for a sweet take on your pictures.

SOURCE:Saslax Maternity

 12.Using Flash for Maternity Photo

Telling your photgraphyer to add flash to your images opens up several opportunities. First, you can extend your shooting hours as the time of day becomes less significant when shooting with flash. Secondly, you can bring a dramatic, editorial look to your maternity imagery with the added light, which will help your work stand out from the majority of maternity sessions found online.  

SOURCE:Saslax Maternity

13.Keep It Natural

When she looks down at her belly, make sure her head isn’t completely tilted at a weird angle… it can look unnatural and create a double chin. Have her fixate on a point slightly away from her bump.

SOURCE:Saslax Maternity

14.Direct Walking Maternity Poses

Walking poses can add dynamics to the maternity photos. It also helps your clients relax and feel more comfortable. Sitting in one place, especially with a baby bump, can feel uncomfortable after a while.

You have a few good options for walking maternity poses. The mom can lead the dad while they are holding hands and smiling at each other. Ask her to put one of her hands on her belly from time to time.

You can also take photos of the couple as they are walking towards the camera, looking at the lens or at each other. To show more intimacy, ask them to walk in a slow and natural way.

SOURCE:Saslax Maternity

15.Make a Heart with Hands

A heart is often perceived as a symbol of love, so let your future mom and dad build it with their hands. This will look really meaningful and cute. Though it doesn’t require special preparations, being one of the easiest pregnancy picture poses for couples, the images you get will leave nobody indifferent.

16.Showing If It’s a Boy or Girl

I think if you decorate the model’s belly with a bow, no one will doubt that your client is waiting for a daughter. But trainers or a mustache drawn on a belly will tell the world about the imminent birth of a little man. Or you can use letters to show who you are waiting for.

17.Holding Balloons

Take a whole bunch of helium balloons of different colors, go to a picturesque forest clearing or, for example, in a field, and let your imagination run wild there. These props offer many variations of maternity photoshoot poses.

SOURCE:Saslax Maternity

18.Looking Straight at the Camera

Ask a pregnant woman to choose the props that will emphasize her belly. When photographing, concentrate on it, asking the pregnant woman to gently hug her tummy with both hands.

19.Compare Bellies

This is another idea for funny pregnancy poses with husband and kids. Take a picture of a married couple comparing their bellies. You can also include kids to this photo.

20.Closing Eyes

Ask a woman to close her eyes and think about her baby. This maternity pose may symbolize a woman thinking about the future.

21.Covered with Fabric

A feminine and graceful pose. Covering a model’s body with light fabric will add special atmosphere to the photo, highlighting her tender state.

SOURCE:Saslax Maternity

22.Going Away From the Camera

Photograph a mom going away from the camera. This looks somehow thinking and meaningful like her approaching a new period of her life. 

SOURCE:Saslax Maternity

23.Laying Down

One of the most standard pregnant photography poses that enables women to feel comfortable and look their best in pictures. A model can place both her hands on the belly or keep one behind it and another one on it. Experiment with angles to find those that add special appeal to this pose.

24.On the Swing

Beautiful swings decorated with flowers will be a greatlocation to realize creative maternity poses ideas. While you’re taking images, a woman doesn’t have to sit, she can walk around the swings, smile, and dreamily look up.

SOURCE:Saslax Maternity

25.A Silhouette Shot

Forget about front-view angle if you want to take unique photos. Opt for the silhouette approach to demonstrate the rounded lines of a woman’s body. Such images will remind your client how graceful and special she was at that moment.

Must Haves


24-70mm lens

Maternity photography gives you the opportunity to shoot a lot of different kinds of photos. From overhead shots using a wide angle to portraits using longer focal lengths, we love using this versatile zoom lens that allows us to capture it all without swapping out gear.

Remote trigger

If YOU are the one expecting, we think you should definitely document that sweet baby bump! This simple remote allows you to trigger the camera while you are in front of it, allowing you to document your maternity journey yourself.


If you are taking your own maternity photos, keep that camera safe! Securing your camera on a tripod allows you to have peace of mind when you are in front of the lens and will also ensure that the camera stays still as you shoot away.

Hope these shooting actions can help you leave good memories.If you are looking for the gorgeous maternity gown,salsax can help you.Saslax delivers plenty of designe options include XS-2XL size and more than 10 colors for your fall and winter pregnancy photoshoot.